Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Postmarked Closing Day Photos and Report

 POSTMARKED closed on Sunday, June 8.  A few people came in early to see their bids...and then the crowd came near 5pm.  I called out "Everyone Look this Way" for a group photo...and some of them did!
At the sound of the 5pm bell, guests reluctantly stepped away from the walls, and my team of  Yoshie, Pat, Mara, Mari-Elena, and Lucette worked with me to take the envelopes off the walls and pedestals for the lucky winners.  Jan and Mari-Elena accepted donations from the winning bids and Yoshie joined them to help the long line get through. We all cleaned up and sorted and packed up the pieces that were not claimed yet -- I took them home, sorted and made all those phone calls...while Rick repaired the walls for the next couple of days.

Good News: 
ALL the envelopes received bids!
MANY people asked lots of questions about the work and about mail art.
MANY people made extra donations to the Claremont Forum for the Prison Library Project.
We EXCEEDED all previous years with donations and bids (total available upon request!)
Thanks to the volunteers, the donations from all of you, the guests and bidders, the US Postal System, and The Village Postmark mail box, POSTMARKED 2008 was very, very successful Many guests wish to send mail art to some of the artists who donated art this year.

No bad news.

We received a few pieces after the show was installed, and yet we showed them too -- so there are a few new photos on the Images section. I will post more images as I get them...like, what was inside some of the mystery envelopes!


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