Thursday, May 29, 2008

Format Change Note

I have re-arranged the mail art images; please note that the individual school groups are in alphabetical order following the independent mail artists in the  Images through May 31 Blog. I am continuing to add to each group as mail arrives... 

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

POSTMARKED 2008 Exhibition June 2-8

Exhibit and Silent Auction Fundraiser
June 2-8 

The Clarmont Forum's Gallery 
586 W First St
Claremont CA

Public Reception: Fri Jun 6, 5-9 ( during Claremont Art Walk)
Gallery Hours: M-Sun noon-5
Auction ends promptly at 5 pm Sunday Jun 8!

Exhibiting original mail art for display and auction to raise funds for The Claremont Forum's Prison Library Project, which sends thousands of books free to inmates throughout the country.  For many years, The Claremont Forum received book requests in hand-illustrated envelopes created by the prisoners who sent them. It is in this tradition that we present POSTMARKED as our very appropriate fundraiser.
All POSTMARKED 2008 entries will be on display at the Claremont Forum for a week, during which time visitors may place silent auction bids. This year we have received over 400 pieces of mail art, which will be on display in the gallery in the condition in which they arrived, unopened. Images of the mail art are in the blogs below. Images of the exhibition will be posted in a week or so. All sales proceeds go to the Prison Library Project. For more information about the event and The Claremont Forum, please visit the Gallery at

Tee shirts are available in limited quantities. If you wish to place an order, please visit The Claremont Forum website


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blognote from Anne 5*24*08


The deadline for POSTMARKED 2008 entries is tomorrow...but I know mail will continue to stream in for the next week. I am hanging the exhibit June 1 -- we only have ONE DAY for it! Pat and Lucette and Yoshie and Mara and John are going to help, and Katie will come for a little while for support.  It will be a terrific exhibit with over 400 works of art!

I am receiving so much mail these days! Today The Village Postmark just handed me a U.S.P.S. crate full of mail art! Besides mail from Mississippi, there were many from all over SoCal. I recognized a few names from past POSTMARK years (thank you Nancy!).  Upland HS and Kaiser HS sent lots of envelopes and envelope creations... The Village Postmark clerks are joining in chatting with me now about each piece that arrives, telling me their favorite.  I love it.  They have been so great to keep the art work safe. 

The Claremont Post Office has been tolerant to a degree of the art we bring in to mail...many are clearly frustrated with any deviance from the standard placement of the address, but most of them grin and bear it. I took a long time the other day when there was no line behind me, to pick out unusual stamps -- this is the opportunity to use those odd denominations.  I wish I had thought of the Sinatra stamp when I sent the vintage music envelopes in the other day.

I have finally had time to send out a few pieces to those of you who were kindly directing me in the beginning of this season -- telling me about mail art history and protocol, and sending me fabulous mail art for the show.  I have made some new contacts that are valuable to me and I am chomping at the bit to get more involved in more mail art exhibitions.

Welp, as my friend Peter used to say,I just wanted to write a note for a blog.  I will be entering the new work in within a day or so....


Thursday, May 22, 2008

POSTMARKED 2008 Images Through May 31, 2008

Postmarked 2008 Mail Art began arriving In April.  These images represent the works we received for the exhibition.  Many school art students participated, and their work is grouped below, alphabetically by school name. 
International, National, and Statewide individual mail artists responded to the Call For Mail Art for POSTMARKED 2008.  These photos represent at least one image from each artist who sent art to us.


First Street Gallery Art Center, located in Claremont, has participated in Postmarked since its first year! This year, staff joined the clients in sending in mail art entries. 

Kaiser High School students in Fontana submit mail art every year, thanks to teachers A Denning and K Fox. This entry contains the work from these studentsfor 2008.  




Los Amigos School students have sent in Postmarked mail art entries, thanks to teacher and artist S. Herdina! Some of the pieces I have received are not labeled as to school, so they may not all be on this blog entry. 

Upland High School art students have sent in many envelopes, thanks to teacher L Aurelia, with more to come!  Watch this post for updates.

Westcove Elementary School teacher A. Fleming let me know that these envelopes were created and mailed to POSTMARKED by some of her 6th grade students.