Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Participating Artists List

These are the names of the participating artists this year. Many pieces were sent in anonymously, so if your name does NOT appear and you would like it to, send me an email. 
Participating Artists:
Maggie Abeyta, Heather Adams, Alban, Matt Anderson, Zola Anderson, S Anderson, Art Students of Tess, Leah Bartal, Anna Banana, Bacon, John Bennett, Berclaz, Brandi Bergreen, Judi Betts, Ariel Bledsoe, Dr Bliss, Lindsey Borgelt, Lucette Bourdin, Michael Bourne, Daniel Boyer, Gustavo Briseno, Violetta Brodie, Keith S. Bucholtz, Monty Cantsin, Stephanie Carr, Loretta Caselli, Amoury Castillo, Juliann Chaing, Marta Chausee, Karen Chu, cif, Brenda Coe, Cogswell, Dee Marcellus Cole, Colomba, Gabby Contreras, Janine Cortez, Jorge Cortez, Emily Crump, Diane, Stevie Dixon, Kelly Dougherty, Maria Edgeworth, Elcrat, Mary Jane Elvis, Pat Evans, Roni Feldman, Helen Feller, Figuero, Rene Flores, Sumi Foley, Deborah Ford, Maria Fuentes, Steven Fujimoto, Jim Fuller, Bridgette G, Sandy Garcia, Kyler Garland, Dianne Garrett, Hannah Garvin, Wendell Gladstone, Teresa Gonzales, Danny Gordon, Lois Graesle, Grandma, Grecchi, Karen Green, Melanie Green, Rejon Green, Jasmine Grider, Jenne Gurley, Daniel Haffner, Rebecca Hamm, Daniel Harris, Terrill Helander, John Held, Sharon Herdina, Alyson Hernandez, Hernandez, Lindsay Heupel, Drew Himple, Deborah Holloway, igh, Jackie, Matty J, Gilbert Jimenez, Demarquis Johnson, Ken Johnson, Kenyon Johnson, Cheryl Jorgenson, Karen, Dan Keller, Marilyn Kelly, Nancy Keystone, Kim Kimerling, Rebecca Korin, April Krowel, Thomas Lamb, Heather Lembcke, Leroy, Michael Levell, Eric Lieu, Greg Liffick, Alyssa Limon, Heather Long, Gustavo Lopez, Tiffany Lu, John Lund, Matt Lurie, Nuttaphol Ma, Mailarta, Viviana Madrigal, Robert Mandujano, Mangiamelli, Annie Marquis, Louie Marroquin, Erica Martinez, Melissa Martinez, Sandy Martinez, Janet Marana, SaraMcCrosky, Venice CM McCurdy, Douglas O McGoon, John McGough, Dru McKenzie, Sylvia Megerdichian, Mendez, Joe Messinger, Michael Miles, Mahder Molla, Monica Mondragon, Father Bill Moore, Arlene Moreno, Mora, Raymond Moreno,  Angelic Navarro, Nathan Newsome, Norifumi Nishimoto, Gabrielle Oates, Rudy Olivares, Shannon Olson, Brian Ono, John Otter, Clemente Padin, Leila Pagel, Laura Palm, Lynda Pasztor, Shar Paw, San Paw, Almabella Peralta, Prison Library Project, Poetas Del Munda, Jonathon Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Suzanne Poulos, Deborah Price, Seth Pringle, Private World, Jonathon Ramirez, Rincon Studios, Hannah Rizzo, Rizzuto, Alannah Robertson, Helga Robinson, Abshalomj Rudiges, Zona Sage, Yoshie Sakai, Mara Sanders, Kristina Santana, Nancy Scali, Katie Selke, Anne Seltzer, Maria Serafin, Shelby, Theresa Shellcroft, Silva, Pat Smith, Spivak Family, Gina Stepaniuk, Katie Swafford, Tamayo the Cat, Brenda Tapia, Wes Taylor, Kyle Vogel, M.H. Wagner, Eric Ward, Annette Welan, Garrett Wentzell, Franny Werthein, Jan Wheatcroft, Heather Williams, J Wisdom, Christine Wiseman, Michael Woodcock, Joann Woodward, Yao Yang, Cynthia Young, Nathan Zainson.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Postmarked Closing Day Photos and Report

 POSTMARKED closed on Sunday, June 8.  A few people came in early to see their bids...and then the crowd came near 5pm.  I called out "Everyone Look this Way" for a group photo...and some of them did!
At the sound of the 5pm bell, guests reluctantly stepped away from the walls, and my team of  Yoshie, Pat, Mara, Mari-Elena, and Lucette worked with me to take the envelopes off the walls and pedestals for the lucky winners.  Jan and Mari-Elena accepted donations from the winning bids and Yoshie joined them to help the long line get through. We all cleaned up and sorted and packed up the pieces that were not claimed yet -- I took them home, sorted and made all those phone calls...while Rick repaired the walls for the next couple of days.

Good News: 
ALL the envelopes received bids!
MANY people asked lots of questions about the work and about mail art.
MANY people made extra donations to the Claremont Forum for the Prison Library Project.
We EXCEEDED all previous years with donations and bids (total available upon request!)
Thanks to the volunteers, the donations from all of you, the guests and bidders, the US Postal System, and The Village Postmark mail box, POSTMARKED 2008 was very, very successful Many guests wish to send mail art to some of the artists who donated art this year.

No bad news.

We received a few pieces after the show was installed, and yet we showed them too -- so there are a few new photos on the Images section. I will post more images as I get, what was inside some of the mystery envelopes!


POST- Postmarked Note

The show was a huge success! I am now finishing up getting the final pieces distributed to the winning bidders, and then will get the photos up and the names of all those who contributed art, and so on.  It will take a few more days . Please check back! Meanwhile, Picard and I say hello!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

POSTMARKED 2008 Exhibition Gallery Photos

Postmarked 2008: Exhibition Photos including every wall and pedestal and entryway and our friendly volunteers. Thank you to Liz Aurelia, Pat Evans, Doug McGoon, Yoshie Sakai, for being such an excellent installation crew. Dawn, Mikal, Doug, Jan, Rachel and John got the pedestals for the show and painted them.  Katie and Lucette showed up as scheduled to help too - but we were already done, thanks to laser technology!  We have had many guests already, who have visited the show, commented in delight, and have placed bids.  So, on to the show....... Anne
These are whole gallery views:
Gallery Setting in Packing House 

Gallery Entrance

Left Side (Southside)

Right Side (Northside)

Details of Southside Wall:

North Side Details:

Pedestal Details:

A Few Postmarked 2008 Volunteers:
Anne (that's me!) at Postmarked 2008 Reception Desk

Jan, Claremont Forum Board Prez

Rick and Marie Elena modeling our teeshirts in the Claremont Forum's Thoreau Bookstore, which is also where the Prison Library Project receives, sorts, and packs books for mailing.

 I will try to catch other volunteers for photos...will add as I can...some are a little camera-shy, so we will just say hello: HELLO RACHEL! 


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Format Change Note

I have re-arranged the mail art images; please note that the individual school groups are in alphabetical order following the independent mail artists in the  Images through May 31 Blog. I am continuing to add to each group as mail arrives... 

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

POSTMARKED 2008 Exhibition June 2-8

Exhibit and Silent Auction Fundraiser
June 2-8 

The Clarmont Forum's Gallery 
586 W First St
Claremont CA

Public Reception: Fri Jun 6, 5-9 ( during Claremont Art Walk)
Gallery Hours: M-Sun noon-5
Auction ends promptly at 5 pm Sunday Jun 8!

Exhibiting original mail art for display and auction to raise funds for The Claremont Forum's Prison Library Project, which sends thousands of books free to inmates throughout the country.  For many years, The Claremont Forum received book requests in hand-illustrated envelopes created by the prisoners who sent them. It is in this tradition that we present POSTMARKED as our very appropriate fundraiser.
All POSTMARKED 2008 entries will be on display at the Claremont Forum for a week, during which time visitors may place silent auction bids. This year we have received over 400 pieces of mail art, which will be on display in the gallery in the condition in which they arrived, unopened. Images of the mail art are in the blogs below. Images of the exhibition will be posted in a week or so. All sales proceeds go to the Prison Library Project. For more information about the event and The Claremont Forum, please visit the Gallery at

Tee shirts are available in limited quantities. If you wish to place an order, please visit The Claremont Forum website


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blognote from Anne 5*24*08


The deadline for POSTMARKED 2008 entries is tomorrow...but I know mail will continue to stream in for the next week. I am hanging the exhibit June 1 -- we only have ONE DAY for it! Pat and Lucette and Yoshie and Mara and John are going to help, and Katie will come for a little while for support.  It will be a terrific exhibit with over 400 works of art!

I am receiving so much mail these days! Today The Village Postmark just handed me a U.S.P.S. crate full of mail art! Besides mail from Mississippi, there were many from all over SoCal. I recognized a few names from past POSTMARK years (thank you Nancy!).  Upland HS and Kaiser HS sent lots of envelopes and envelope creations... The Village Postmark clerks are joining in chatting with me now about each piece that arrives, telling me their favorite.  I love it.  They have been so great to keep the art work safe. 

The Claremont Post Office has been tolerant to a degree of the art we bring in to mail...many are clearly frustrated with any deviance from the standard placement of the address, but most of them grin and bear it. I took a long time the other day when there was no line behind me, to pick out unusual stamps -- this is the opportunity to use those odd denominations.  I wish I had thought of the Sinatra stamp when I sent the vintage music envelopes in the other day.

I have finally had time to send out a few pieces to those of you who were kindly directing me in the beginning of this season -- telling me about mail art history and protocol, and sending me fabulous mail art for the show.  I have made some new contacts that are valuable to me and I am chomping at the bit to get more involved in more mail art exhibitions.

Welp, as my friend Peter used to say,I just wanted to write a note for a blog.  I will be entering the new work in within a day or so....